Porlock Weir


The storm that breached Porlock shingle ridge in 1996 was an extreme natural event that changed the coastline.

Less dramatic effects from erosion are also continually influencing the landscape. These events and effects are predicted to become more frequent and more severe over time. We can't control these natural forces. However, we believe that discussing and understanding these changes, and planning for them together, will help us to adapt for the future.

The situation in Porlock Weir is one that is being faced in coastal towns all around the country. In light of this the government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has developed the Coastal Change Pathfinder project. 

The project is an 18 month partnership, led locally by Somerset County Council, which will run until June 2011. It is aimed at helping local residents, business owners and people with an interest in Porlock Weir to understand what is likely to happen to the coastline and develop innovative ways to adapt to coastal change.

We want to work with you to:

  • Identify the likely risks associated with increased coastal flooding and address local concerns about coastal change
  • Raise awareness of future scenarios for Porlock Weir
  • Produce new and long lasting ideas that will be developed by local residents and maintained beyond the end of the project.

We will also be developing a range of educational tools for use in schools and with the wider community. These will be used to help to explain the issues and to understand how the community can adapt.

The CCP project team look forward to meeting and working with the local community to address difficult issues on emotive subjects and produce a positive, long-term action plan for Porlock Weir.


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